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Car upholstery

Roman KOŠŤA – the professional car upholsterer in eastern Slovakia. He acquired skill and knowledge in the profession abroad: three years / 1999 – 2001 / worked in Switzerland’s Olten, in company Helmut & Jules Studer. Based on several years of experience in the field he offers rich experience, quality and professional approach to clients. He cooperates with various car workshops, the largest of which are Mercedes, BMW.

Roman offers: upholstery car seat technologies, car manufacturers, whetting doors, roofs, steering wheels, heads control levers … using leather and other materials, repair and whetting dashboards, foam seat adjustment to its original shape, modification and repair of foam used … he does complete interior of any type of car using basically any material. Also, leather and leatherette upholstery on the seats of motorcycles, carved inscriptions, names, themes …

He focuses on the leather and Alcantara / so-called brushed leather/,  perforated leather and original Austrian and German leathers that have A-tests as well as beef leather NAPA manufactured in Slovakia, or Italian leather, which is currently available in our market. The color range is large – about 60 leather colors . His offer also includes electrical seat heating. For sewing he uses different colored threads of brand Gral – currently the best in our market. His production is based on collaboration with the customer, which is not only a choice of leather, but also includes customer’s own imagination transformation into design. Any work is consulted beforehand with a client. Basic kit – seats, door sides, roof, steering wheel, lever gaiter – can be made within a week. Contact: Roman KOŠŤA, Brusnicová 48, 040 13, Košice. Tel .: +421 907 958 050 e-mail: